NEW BLOG POST: “Love Feast”

Check out the newest entry for Center on the Aisle that I wrote:

“Perhaps it was because it was just a few days after Valentine’s Day and we were all watching a play about love and the lengths one will go through to achieve it. Maybe I needed to be closer to someone or anyone and the obvious attractiveness of the cast with their hip outfits and provocative instrument playing was helping in the worst way. Perchance I didn’t want to feel anything when the lyric that came during the culmination of the play came over and over and over again nonstop: “What is Love?” the actors sang in a bittersweet tone…”


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NEW BLOG POST: “Off Broadway”

Here’s a snippet of my newest article for Center on the Aisle

“The performance started off with several recognizable classics, engaging the audience in a swaying assonance. There was a welcoming comfort to the expository portion of the start along with the introduction of the band: Tommy Faragher (Musical Director and Piano), John Putnam (Guitar), Paul Socolow (Bass), Sam Merrick (Drums). Mr. Young went in and out of hiding behind his sunglasses – and in doing so he coyly played with the audience but his phenomenal voice, intrinsic in its varying capacities, remained and held us all captive. Sing-alongs came and went, as did perfunctory applause at the beginning of bits due to the recognizable, sparse but poignant standing ovations, abrupt interruptions by way of unruly cheering – and then something happened.”

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