List: Jobs

I’ve spent the last 3 years as a freelancer and I have been working for the past 1.5 years to hone my skills and become solely a Writer, something I’ve been undertaking since I’ve learned the alphabet.

Similar to Dennis Coopers’ George Miles Cycle, this long term plan of goals is starting to come to fruition. I’ve pained myself to acquire reputable accolades without adhering to the more commonplace pigeonholes of auspicious roles for Writers, that of being a journalist or a copy writer for advertising (or similar realm), as these are two of a very few accessible career choices for writers which can provide some semblance of making a living.

The safest route for me is teaching (as I’ve studied education), and my humble dream is just to become a professor in academia and use my research access to publish not only want is required of me but what I desire of myself.

During this never ending long haul, and furthermore due to my artistic leanings, I’ve had almost every job under the sun and then some that is the usual fare for a starving artist.

Florist Shop (My Mother’s Business): Florist and Bookkeeping
Walmart: Cashier
T.G.I.Friday’s: Server
Pier One Imports: Customer Service/Merchandising Assistant
Wawa: Shift Runner
Houlihan’s: Server
Olive Garden: Server
Iron Mountain: Data Entry Clerk
Ford Dealership: Car Detailer
Bleu Restaurant: Food Runner
Silver Diner: Server
Screem Clothing Store: Customer Service
Collingswood Cheese Shop: Customer Service
Private Company, Carpenter’s Assistant
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia: Records Management
TLA Entertainment: Inventory Control Manager
Kenneth Cole Productions: Inventory Control Manger, Outreach Specialist
Xando Cosi: Shift Leader
Trust Kitchen & Bar: Server
Haddonfield School of Dance: Instructor
Meritage Restaurant: Server
Bettinger Company: Office Temp
The Peekaboo Revue Neo-Burlesque: Director, Choreographer, Writer
Cunningham’s Bar: Server, Bartender
Knock Bar & Restaurant: Server, Bartender
Drexel University Libraries: Administrative Coordinator
Stephen Starr Catering: Server
University of the Arts: Instructor
Blond Bar: Bartender
Private Company: Housekeeping
The Center School of Dance: Instructor
Studio Motion: Instructor

These are the ones I can remember.

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