iPhone Poetry

Apparently I do my best writing while drunk at my favorite bar in Kreuzberg while getting stood up for a blind date and sitting next to the most annoying typical Berlin gays talking about how love is so hard to find in this slutty city and how awesome the steam room is at Boiler Sauna.

30 November 1:47am – 2013

We or Us or Them

Lick my fear and smell my wounds
I’m not your Mr. I’m just your doom
Wondering if the night ever gets old
Meanwhile all the beautiful get bold
Wall clock with the crooked cuckoo
It is always broken like you do
Beer is cheaper than the water
Let’s just say you’re here a goner
Translate love to any language
It sounds despondent and languid
But there’s a DJ with some medicine
To wash away the repressed sin
Make sure not to tip the barmaid
She’s not the whore you got laid
Just prove to everyone times two
You do what all the simple folk do


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