iPhone Poetry

30 December 2013 – 10:17pm

“You and Me”

Remember when I saw you in the window
Remember those Pfand bottles I picked up that you left for me in the park
Remember when I gave you my seat on the train
Remember when you let me queue before you because I could only afford a few things
Remember when you saw me at the cafe but I could only look at your food
Remember when I gave you directions in broken deutsch
Remember when I forgot I was walking in the bike lane
Remember when I didn’t notice my phone ringing because my headphones were too loud
Remember when you heard of me before you met me
Remember when you first saw the color of my bad skin
Remember when you tried to pronounce my name correctly the first time, and then the second and then the third time
Remember when you helped me with that word I didn’t know
Remember when I helped you with that word you forgot
Remember how silly I looked when I tried to roll a cigarette in public
Remember when you asked me for a light for your candle
Remember how crazy I looked running away from that fox
Remember how we could smell each other’s sweat when we were dancing
Remember when I scared you with my loud inside joke yelling at the train station
Remember how drunk I was
Remember when I looked at you that way
Remember how long it took me to find my wallet in my bag
Remember when I moved out your way so that you could get by
Remember when I stopped at the crosswalk because you were with your son
Remember when we came outside at the same time and both of us squinted at the sun
Remember when I sneezed so loudly
Remember the stalking sound my boots made on the pavement when I was walking behind you
Remember that question I asked at the Q&A
Remember we were smoking the same brand of cigarettes
Remember when I screamed at my friend on the phone
Remember when you helped me pick my change off the ground that dropped out of my wallet
Remember when you asked me if I could spare any change and I said “no”
Remember that 40 Euro you lost that day that I found on the street and I really needed it
Remember when you asked me for a cigarette
Remember when I asked you for a cigarette
Remember when I left you a big tip
Remember when I was the only one in the room who didn’t say a word
Remember when I spilled my beer on your shoe
Remember when you could hear me crying through the wall
Remember that you could smell what I was cooking
Remember me singing loudly walking down the street at 3am
Remember when I smiled at your kid
Remember when you and I were the only ones there not using our smartphones
Remember when I held the door for you
Remember when I tripped over my shoe and started laughing maniacally
Remember what book I was reading
Remember when I cruised your boyfriend
Remember when you were running late and you pushed me out of the way
Remember when we coughed at the same time
Remember when we saw that big bad wolf crossing the street behind us
Remember when we both rolled our eyes because we were forced to hear the song “Hit the Road Jack”
Remember when you almost ran me over with your bike
Remember when you saw me walking around in my underwear
Remember when I vomited in front of everybody
Remember the conversation we had on the plane
Remember when I eyed your crotch while you were jogging in those tight running pants
Remember when you called and I had to tell you it was the wrong number
Remember when we were wearing the same hat
Remember when I came into the store and left with nothing
Remember when I accidentally blew smoke in your face
Remember when I said please and thank you and sorry and you’re welcome
Remember when I reminded you of somebody else
Remember when you thought you knew me from somewhere



iPhone Poetry

Apparently I do my best writing while drunk at my favorite bar in Kreuzberg while getting stood up for a blind date and sitting next to the most annoying typical Berlin gays talking about how love is so hard to find in this slutty city and how awesome the steam room is at Boiler Sauna.

30 November 1:47am – 2013

We or Us or Them

Lick my fear and smell my wounds
I’m not your Mr. I’m just your doom
Wondering if the night ever gets old
Meanwhile all the beautiful get bold
Wall clock with the crooked cuckoo
It is always broken like you do
Beer is cheaper than the water
Let’s just say you’re here a goner
Translate love to any language
It sounds despondent and languid
But there’s a DJ with some medicine
To wash away the repressed sin
Make sure not to tip the barmaid
She’s not the whore you got laid
Just prove to everyone times two
You do what all the simple folk do