Conversation: Concrete Jungle Fever

I think I’ve finally came up with a pithy answer to a query that has been broached innumerable times during this crazy sojourn of mine here in Berlin, Germany. This is solely based on my own personal experience.

This conversation comes from a quite infamous online gay dating website:


which city in the world would you recommend to live in for white men who mostly only love black men?


My first reaction is to scold you about this being totally offensive to me and “my people” but let’s face it: I’m not in Berlin just for the rich cultural history and the cheap rents.

I’m sure you know that Paris has a handful of French and/or African decent blacks that can actually live an out of the closet life there (despite the current overtones of sociopolitical crisis involving homophobia). If it is a hybrid American version you crave, try Atlanta – though honestly, they tend to stick to their own kind there. You’re more likely to get lucky in New York, but who can afford that!? The town where I am from, Philadelphia, is actually a hotbed of interracial dating (far too competitive for me hence my arrival in fair Germany). Miami is boiling over with local color so to speak; there are tremendously beautiful people of various ethnic backgrounds there. The problem there is that there aren’t many jobs and it’s a transient town. That’s all my acumen I can afford you. My only advice is don’t go to Russia!

Buena Suerte!



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