Process: Photography

Dirty Animal Orgy

Growing up as a youngest child can be…difficult. My older sister has 4 years on me and my brother 6 years. This provided me with a lot of teasing and torture growing up that was an endless source of comedy for the rest of the family. I hate being embarassed, so this added more fuel to the fire. I still lock the bathroom door whenever I go inside for fear that my brother is going to storm in and throw a bucket of ice water into the shower while I am in there. But with all of that trauma comes inspiration. One of the many things I have been able to regurgitate in my work in a positive, humorous way, is another habit my brother forced me to endure when I was a little boy. If I was to leave the room, even for a short amount of time, I would come back and find all of my toys rearranged in certain positions that one might say resembled an all out orgy fuck fest. No plaything was sparred; this included the G.I. Joes, the Thundercats, the Transformers, the teddy bears, the plastic army men, the race cars, EVERYTHING. I thought it fit to add it to a part of an exhibition I am working on as an aide-mémoire from those times. Here are a few samples:





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