List: New Year’s Resolutions 2013

-Delete Excess
-Get literary agent
-Publish research paper
-Cut down sugar intake
-Visit Mom
-Clear debt
-Write novella
-Direct music video
-Peace with Jürgen
-Fix healthcare
-Bookshelf with books
-Move to NYC, Austin, Paris, or Zurich
-Pop-up restaurant
-Relationship with LOVE
-iPhone with service
-Riding boots
-Produce 2 plays in 3 years
-Find musical composer for “The Show”
-Outreach for male domestic abuse victims
-One art exhibition
-Visit Italy
-Finish novel about Berlin
-New glasses
-Photography book
-Dental work
-Piano lessons
-Curator collaboration
-Break less hearts
-Expand experience in film production
-Manage rapid cycles
-Organize new invoices
-Slow down ambition
-NYC and Paris job search
-Finish Pig vs. Pervert audio blog
-“Nice Guy” attempt
-Fix bike
-Cure the ills of everything
-Write more poetry
-Send postcards
-New choreography reel
-Submit more plays
-Artist residency applications
-Positive energy
-Mend defunct friendships
-Language training
-Finish “Perspectives” research project


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