Poetry: Tier


Ich bin eine Tier
I’ve been on a tear
For ever is what comes of never
Back when I used to be so clever
It’s not the elements keeping me away
It’s not myself that stands to lay

Finde mich in der Finsternis
End it in the kiss you miss
Take away what’s left and over
The right way to anchor a rover
You can have all my broken and body
You can call me token and shoddy 

Wir sind eine Tier
Mit Beinen vier
The blindness that I see
Like precious autonomy
I want to jump into the statues
And white out the blues

Ich bin eine Tier
One last lonely tear
I rip out my heart
And feed it to the bark
The animals smell the food of me
They feast so greedily

Thirsty for Essen
Starlit learned lesson
I’m hungry for Wasser
Moonbeam double crosser

Du bist eine Tier
I know all your fears
I’m boring the birds
Unlisten what I heard
Touching out of sight
Caress the faded light
Cries look like lullabies 
My talent said goodbye

Jederman ist eine Tier
Dreams float in a Bier
It was he that put me here
To cleanse his dirty rear
Without a guiding light
In the cage of evernight

I got so close to near
Just get me out of here
The food chain so filthy clear
Mysterious passerby 
No time for my eyes
Wie in der Nähe ist Moabit
Where I left my suffering
I vomit my own pounds of flesh
I stole the hero vulture’s nest
So second from the almost best
I ask for one more ask
I test for one more test
I learn one more teach
I pray for what I preach

und dann
The tears carry on







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