Excerpt: Verbal Intercourse

“Verbal Intercourse” is my blog dedicated to Love, Sex and Realtionshits…

Here is a snippet from my latest post:

“I’ve been burying myself in my work – not only due to my inspiration from the tumult from The Tornado (and admittedly, the wonderful parts as well), but also to find myself and my voice again – something I reluctantly lost in the fight of wills in that power struggle of proving our love was much more wrong than right. I came to Europe, to Germany, to Berlin, looking for that struggle in an attempt to rid myself of the ennui I endured back in the USA of men who have no qualms tending to my every beck and call. In this slut city, I found the sluttiest man, the most difficult man, the kinkiest man, the hairiest man, the most romantic man, the most complicated man, the most controlling man, the most caring man, the most abusive man, the most childish man, the most fun loving man, the most daring man, the most impossible man, the most dishonest man, the craziest man, the sexiest man, the most passionate man, the baddest man, the best best fuck in the world…”


Bimbo Savant Blog – http://bimbosavant.blogspot.de/

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