Poetry: Tut mir leid, Berlin

Tut Mir Leid Berlin
I am sorry that I love to hate you so much
I am sorry that I must say I am sorry
I apologize for my apologies

I’m sorry Charlottenburg that I was not rich enough
My sex was too loud and I littered your streets
I never appreciated your expensive quiet
I thought Savignyplatz was pretty ugly
I’m sorry

I’m sorry Kreuzberg that I corrupted you
But it wasn’t in places that were Berghain or KitKatKlub
I’m sorry that I could not afford you
I’m sorry that there were too many people there for me
I’m sorry

Sorry Schöneberg for not being open enough
My mind too closed and my legs too unspread
I’m sorry that I am not into fisting, or fucking while standing up
I could never be so easy or hard enough for you
I’m sorry

I’m sorry Wilmersdorf
I never understood you
I don’t like seeing foxes crossing the street
That to me is not a city, though the animals were here first
I’m sorry

I’m sorry Moabit
I don’t like to gamble
That is all you have to offer anyone
Also, that is where The One lives, so let’s not talk about it
I’m sorry

I’m sorry Wedding
That I do not descend from Africa
I do not like uncomfortable questions about my heritage
So I cannot live in you
I’m sorry

I’m sorry Friedrichshain
I’m sorry it took me so long to pronounce you correctly
And that I always lose direction when I get lost in your graffiti
I’m sorry that you were so heinously gentrified
I’m so sorry about that

I’m sorry Tiergarten
I do not like naked people
Or anything natural for that matter
Certainly not fucking outside
I’m sorry

I’m sorry Neuköln
I’m sorry i underestimated you
I’m sorry I can’t climb your hill without a cigarette break
I’m sorry everyone thinks you’re cool now
I’m sorry

I’m sorry Prenzlauerberg
You annoy the shit out of me
It is because of envy, envy for money and social status, and money
I’m sorry i don’t have these things for you
I’m sorry

I’m sorry Mitte
I am not a tourist
I don’t like to be in the middle of anything nor everything
And there are too many bad memories at Alexanderplatz
I’m sorry

Tut mir leid
I am really sorry.


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