Linie 1 – das musical

Considered the most successful German musical of its time, “Linie 1” depicts a time of culture clash amongst East and West Berlin during the precursory era of the fall of the wall. It is about a rural raised ingenue who comes to the big city to meet her rock star dream boy, and her journey is interrupted by the motley group of characters on the U-bahn. Part social commentary, part love story, the play debuted in 1986 and has traveled all over the world to varying degrees of success. The film was released in 1988. After the Grips Theater threatened to close the show due to the lack of gross return due to the expensive technical demands of the production, the government provided subsidy for the show to survive. It is still playing weekly at the Grips Theater where it originated.

This show was an obvious gem to stumble upon due to my current research interests in subways. A photographer friend of mine introduced this to me after I shared some details of my work. My German is pretty nonexistent, but I watched all the musical numbers. I love the exposition of the different types of characters on the U-bahn and the noticeable sociopolitical references…The choreography is a little bit pedestrian (pun) but it does the job. I will add this to the pile!

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