Training…or Trainers

The time of conception for art is just as good as in the biblical sense, the excitement of birthing a new and amorphous extension of yourself. When the primary kindling of an idea have been erected, the pieces that lead up to the culmination are like creative foreplay.

These inspirations come in droves now that I am more conscious of my attempt to dissect and exploit the functions of movement through a series of critical Labanotation translations, in order to derive a new dance motif. By studying the way the body reacts to space, weight, time and flow within varying environments that correlate to each other (the train station versus traveling within the train), an array of idioms will evolve from these observed structures, forming a vocabulary for the respective expository media.

The first steps are in place. The initial mapping was done through a software program called MindNode. It is a tool that allows you to make free-form outline charts, each “node” an idea that is linked to another or starts a new subject heading. I still make notes on my iPhone app called EverNote, it comes in handy when the best ideas come to mind: while I’m out and about or on the toilet. I also use old-fashioned pen and paper. Though it is still my favorite way to get my thoughts out, something in me has changed. I find myself much more productive when I am using some sort of technology. Maybe I am fooling myself.

I met with the photographer and did a draft for models. Tomorrow I go with the photog to check out the technical parameters needed for the locations I’ve scouted. The shoots have been labeled by certain scenarios that will be split in half, one documentation based on organic movement and the other an abstract representation of the former.

Scenarios to be exhibited are as follows:

1 – Sitting Isolations
(observation of static gestures)

2 – Personal Items in Seats/Space
(emotional motivations from inanimate objects)

3 – Waiting
(observation of static gestures + dynamic movement)

4 – Subway Poles and Railing
(voluntary/involuntary accommodation to space)

5 – Sleeping
(measurement of body adjustment to weight and space)

6 – Missing Your Stop
(study of inertia influence)

7 – Traveling Movement
(examine the gestures of walking, running, pacing)

8 – Human Obstacles
(explore the variables coerced by human objects)

9 – Leaning
(observation of static gestures + dynamic movement)

10 – Public Displays of Affection/Dissension
(explore the polarity of human objects)

11 – Transport by Stairs
(voluntary/involuntary reaction to space + human objects)

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