Train (in training)

Though my inspiration has faded in some ways being back in the states, it has certainly augmented in others thanks to the reverse culture shock and the indelible need to create; the ideas keep flowing.

What could have been a simple arrangement of photos has spawned into a full out multifaceted process that will culminate with a live performance piece.

I have been taking notes while riding the subway, using the respective Philadelphia experience as my muse. Most of it is observation but at the same time I am trying to create a motif derivative of the nature of the passengers of subways and the correlation to the environments in which they are traveling.

There are many common factors in this study – the way people exploit the contrasting boundaries of expansion and restriction. Depending on the time and the circumstances, the entire atmosphere of a subway locale shifts in all sorts of directions.

Twice in the past week I was asked to leave trains that were going out of service at a particular stop. The air became dense with frustration and confusion. People boarded the train willingly, unknowing of the glaring announcement over the intercom. Some were sleeping, some couldn’t hear past their headphones. Some Samaritans re-boarded the train addressing the other passengers with the news (some nicer than others). There was a big hold up though we were prompted the wait wouldn’t take long and they apologized for the inconvenience. I was already running 5 minutes behind. Would my reservation be canceled? Would my friend be mad at me for being late?

There are so many other things to look at when you are on the subway, most notably, those people who are looking at you. You can’t help but to wonder what these people are doing, to judge them for their appearance, to make up little stories in your head. They are just like the rest of us and all different.

Seems as though there are many sub-letters between Point A and Point B.


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