Fringe Festival Blog – Part 16 – Closing Night

Love is in the air.

I love this show, I love my girls, I love the music I picked. I love that tonight there will be a closing reception. Tonight will be the night where most of my friends will be coming, so it should be a good time to the max. Although I have a shit ton of things to do, I am feeling confident about executing them in a timely manner. My only two worries right now are keeping the momentum going from the last three shows and making sure there is enough alcohol for the after party!!!!

This is my “farewell” performance in Philly before I head to Berlin on October 4th. It has been an exhausting stint putting this show together all while working 2 jobs and trying to maintain a healthy social life. This piece is my baby and by far the most comprehensive and cohesive work I’ve ever produced. I will be dancing in the show tonight and I’m a little nervous but my stage fright doesn’t kick in until curtain, so I’m alright for right now. Still, so much to do. Here we go!


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