Fringe Festival Blog – Part 16


I have to say, this is the most seamless show I’ve ever mounted. The girls were great and keep getting better with each show. I was hella nervous going into the whole thing but it all came together. We had our biggest crowd last night and I’ve heard great things about the show.

This is so bittersweet for me. I am moving to Europe in a few weeks to pursue some research interests and to try to find a new outlet for my dance and writing. Europe inspires me in so many ways I imagine that I will burn my candle at both ends when I get there. But the talent that I have now, within my reach, it is so amazing. I don’t want to leave my muses, they are all so wonderful!

This show is so solid and cohesive and is really indicative of my style/technique. With 22 numbers/skits, there is A LOT of choreography. We only had 2 months to put it all together and I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud.

While there were a couple of random people who attended the show, most were friends and family. This is always great and I think my work while edgy still appeals to a general audience. People were coming up to me after the show telling me what numbers they like best, it means a lot to hear more than “I liked it” or “It was interesting” and to hear that a certain part really stuck out in their head. It’s sad though that the dance community isn’t more aware of my work. So much of my compositions are well-researched and referencing dance history (and its future) in some way, it would be nice to have more artists in my audience to get a feel of how they react to my motif. I can’t complain though.

Thursday is closing night. I will be dancing in 4 of the pieces. Up til now I have just been running the show. I am sure my stage fright will come in full force but I’m looking forward to making a my performance farewell to Philly. It will be very emotional for me. I feel like I am so close to getting over the hump and making a name for myself here, but something is lacking and I don’t want to play the game anymore, especially when my work speaks for itself in so many ways.

I am channeling my idol, Fosse and I hope that my cutting edge works hold up well across the ocean. I don’t know when or if I will come back to Philly, but I miss it already.


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