Fringe Festival Blog – Part 14

Two wildly successful rehearsals last week and my joints are still aching.

Thursday I had two of the girls in attendance and we had quite the aerobic workout. It was everything I could ever dream a rehearsal could/should be. We learned a lot and did the whole repetition thing over and over and over again. It was thrilling and exhausting.

On Saturday I had unprecedented attendance of all of my girls. Though one had to leave early, I was able to finish all the choreography for the group numbers, leaving only two solos left to choreograph. This is great news, being only 11 days away from opening night. I still have another solo to clean up but out of the 22 skits/dances I have in this piece, I am feeling pretty accomplished and confident.

Tonight I finish up the necessary dialog scripts in the hopes that most of it will be improv. One of my girls is adept in ad lib so I know she’ll come through with just a hint of guidance. This gives me one less thing to worry about. I did make the mistake of adding myself to the roster, as if I didn’t have enough hats to wear, but I am getting “the bug” again and so desperately want to perform. I’m looking forward to it.

After the final performance there will be a closing reception (with booze of course) and probably an amorphous after party at my apartment or nearby. Wish me luck!

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