Fringe Festival Blog – Part 11

Two rehearsals down and I’ve got a lot done so far. I’m totally departing from making my work overwrought with literal content and I’ve starting taking a more holistic approach. Instead of incorporating a lot of props and characters and dialogue, I am focusing on movement with some added abstract motifs to exploit the intent and inspiration of the work. There will be small vignettes that will be representative of different subjects that relate the the whole, particularly my satire of sensationalism in the media and pop culture.

My biggest issue is staying true to myself. I don’t inspire to make “pretty” work. There is a lot of thought and inspiration behind my compositions but just looking at it doesn’t explain the principles. I love to accentuate isolations and extensions, this is something that has to be presented in a big way because these accents tend to be very small. It is a technique I am trying to inspire in my dancers, for some it comes very naturally. I don’t want to add a whole bunch of movement just to fill the space, I think the absence of flailing your body around can be just as powerful, if not more so.

I threw some stuff together last night and I am pleased with the results. I admit, my head is kind of spinning because I have to preview the work-in-progress on Monday at National Mechanics, but I like working under pressure. Here is a clip of one of the pieces I’m working on.

3 thoughts on “Fringe Festival Blog – Part 11

  1. I’m into it. It must be better for you to work with smaller numbers of dancers…otherwise too many people try to take over or steal the show. For two rehearsals down, I think it’s great so far…

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