Fringe Festival Blog – Part 10

I really haven’t had time to post about the last show due to my proclivities towards hard work and good times, so here is an abridged version of what’s happening.

• Viva Burlesque! was as much of a hit as it could possibly have been considering it was a one-night-only affair.

• Despite 3 crew members not showing up and a disaster of a first act (technically), we pulled it out in the second act and made a good, lasting impression on the audience (that was at about ¾ capacity).

• I hate wearing so many hats, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel like Liz Lemon sometimes.

• After the show last Thursday I proceeded to work the entire weekend (plus Monday by myself) at the gay restaurant during Pride Weekend. From what I remember, it was crazy.

• One week later and I’m back in the studio preparing for Fringe.

• I love cheese.

• I’ve got 3 numbers half complete and 1 number complete.

• I am stuck in adagio land and I really need to pick up the tempo in my choreography. I wouldn’t be doing it for me, but for the audience.

• I like slow, stretchy, passionate movement.

• I am really happy to be working with my new girls. I feel as though I’m not pushing them enough though. Yet.

• I love working with my old girls now that I am so acclimated with their abilities and their varying degrees of diva-dom.

• I don’t think I’ll ever quit smoking cigarettes.

• I have spent my weight in money over the past 6 weeks preparing both of these shows. I miss fine dining. A lot.

• It’s hot in here.

• I am doing a preview show for “Man Bites Dog” at the Fringe on Monday, June 28 at National Mechanics. You should come.

• I have been thinking about adding myself to the performance, but that would be stupid. And fun.

And now, an exclusive look at one of the pieces from “Man Bites Dog”. It’s kind of shitty and needs some work, but it has all the elements indicative of DeVo (including my ability to not remember my own choreography). This piece is about domestic violence.


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