Fringe Festival Blog – Part 8?

I have no business going on vacation this weekend.

I had an amazing dream last night that I was in Berlin. I hate being cliché, romanticizing Europe as much as I do. It’s just nice to have that muse in my mental Rolodex. I am totally stressed about getting some things done before next week having only about 2/3 of the show constructed. Having time off and away this weekend could be a little detrimental to my blood pressure later when I am cramming all this new choreography into a few days. So the story goes. But if there is anything the Yerps have taught me, it is that you have to remember the life part of life.

The last time I was in Chicago it was for a nerdy conference covering the topics of gaming and libraries. I went to about 1,000 sessions and presentations and by the end of it was pleasantly saturated with puns referencing obscure geek culture. I was staying with a friend (and his scowling boyfriend) who lived in a town just south of the city that was not a city at all.

With the free time I had on Sunday I drove down Lake Shore Drive ogling the parks the lake and the architecture. It was kind of sweet because I got an upgrade with the car rental and ended up with a Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible. I was hot shit. Outta sight.

There was a vibe in Chi-town that made me want to explore her more. To really see what she was all about. I’m taking a chance with that this weekend and I cannot fucking wait. I just hate the guilt that comes with the “live a little” bit even though I know that this will be good for my art. . I am just so strapped to my work.

There is much to do in the next coming weeks. I will be happy to be done with the burlesque show only because I have a better plan for Fringe. There is already choreography in place, costumes will be less exhaustive and I will have so much more time to put it all together. I think I am going to slim things down for a change and try to focus on movement alone, sans the fluff.

-Update: I feel much better about going away for the weekend now that I had rehearsal last night. I put all the major pieces together and now I just have to do some touch ups and teach people their individual parts. I’m relying a lot on technology. It is a big help. I post the rehearsal footage online so that the girls (and guy) can review the material during their free time. It helps with memorization, it’s hard for me to retain all the choreography from the show but somehow I manage.

I love the studio where we are rehearsing. It has a great energy to it. It’s located on a major thoroughfare and attracts onlookers, kinda fun. The lovely woman (my new best friend) who owns the joint let me rehearse for free. We had a cute little heart to heart and empathized and sympathized with one another. I get sick thinking about the possible demise of her establishment. I think they have great classes and an awesome space that needs to be used more. I can’t help but to try to think of a way to help. One of the best parts of putting together these shows is the people you meet. It’s a fun part of the game of taming the beast. The end product is so worth it, but it’s never ending.

I busted my ankle last week and had a hard time dancing on it last night. I’ve been resting (read: sewing costumes, doing marketing stuff, planning tech issues) but it is bothering me a bit. The emotional pain is more annoying though, to feel so helpless when your body gives out on you, the one tool I need the most for choreography.

I trust that this show will reach my goal of entertaining a crowd. It has a little bit of mostly every part of me in it. The girls (and guy) are really golden and are a motley group of talent. For now, I have to leave for a couple of days. I miss Philly already and I haven’t even left yet, but I am sure there is plenty of inspiration in Chicago that will help me along on the next project.


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