Fringe Festival Blog – Part 7

I hate crunch time.

The show is just about 2 weeks away and I feel like I am chewing more than I should have bit off. I have no choice but to keep working at it all until I have something less to swallow, even if it’s a tough pill at that point, and it always will be. Wearing too many hats is a burden and a necessity for me. I take all of this on because I want it done the right way (read: MY way). I can’t imagine that someday I’ll be able to put someone in charge of everything I need done no matter how much facilitating I do, I just need to be in control of the end product. It is a big job.

I sent out the first round of press releases and solicitations that always makes the skin a little thicker. I fear that I won’t be able to pull off a preview show since I am going away this weekend and won’t have time to plan those efforts. I don’t know who’s even available to perform for it, but I still want to do it, I think it would be a nice gathering for people who like entertainment in a social context.

The biggest fish to fry is securing a venue for the Fringe. An insurmountable amount of unreturned phone calls have ricocheted back to me and have thrown me in a fit of disorganization, something I usually am not. I wish I had elves, or better yet, clones.

I’m looking forward to this burlesque show but I’m having second and third thoughts about how I want to go about crafting the Fringe show. I struggle with the amount of ideas I come up with and I wonder if it might be conscientious for me to focus strictly on movement for “Man Bites Dog”. I have so many things I want to do with props and costumes and dialog, perhaps I should just strip it all down to the dance and let it speak for itself without all the spectacle. This is something that I always struggle with because part of my style is incorporating different media and objects into my work, but I think for this piece that will be so plot driven and focused on attitudes and frankly, judgment, I think I might just put the dancers on stage to be dancers.

It’s one of 1,000 thoughts.


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