Fringe Festival Blog – Part 6


I am utterly exhausted right now, physically and emotionally. I am so happy I got through the 4 hour rehearsal for the burlesque show today. We got a lot done. I have all but one solo choreographed and only about 4 major numbers to choreograph. The rest is pretty golden and will rely on the girls (and boy) really taking their time to review the material and add their own style and personality to the dances.

Yesterday I had a horrible scare. The festival organizer mistakenly told me that we would be having the show in a different venue and I kind of imploded. I was in the middle of putting together the text and photos for the program and all this other mess and then I kind of shut down. Then I tried to send all the program materials to the marketing director and the email bounced back because her inbox was full. Grrr.

I went into work, stressed out, worried about all the advertising I did, plus the space that it got changed to was way too small for my original plans. I woke up this morning to three text messages, one from the videographer saying he was stuck in traffic, another dancer saying she was horrifically ill and another dancer who didn’t know where the rehearsal was. I couldn’t find the power adapter for my video camera and then when I finally did, my camera wasn’t working. Then I had to find my regular camera and find the battery charger. Meanwhile, I go out to the basement to put my wet laundry in the dyer and the landlord has locked me out of the basement (he’s paranoid I’m going to steal his rusty old junk while he’s out one day, as if he doesn’t know where I live). All this was happening while I was trying to pack costumes and politely and reluctantly fend off some sexting from a “friend”. I got to the studio around 10:15 and met up with my stage manager. Then one after another, people came later and later. It was fine. I worked on as much as I could and we all sweated our asses off. I had to clean up some stuff and come up with some new stuff. It was fine. I’m happy with what I’ve got going. There will be a little bit of something for everyone.

Now as it stands I have to go work at the restaurant again tonight even though it’s raining and we probably won’t open the outside. There are already too many servers scheduled, so we’ll see how that works out.

I love the space that we’re rehearsing in, I hope to use it again this week. The owner is awesome and we’re totally gay for each other. I hope it all works out. I’m just glad that I got an email just now from the technical director that the originally scheduled place is where I’m having the show.


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