Rapid Cycling

I wanted to share my philosophy regarding the artistic process. It is not scientific by any means, but for me, these are the steps of conception to completion when creating a work of art.

1. The Eureka Phase
This is when the new idea presents itself in my head. Usually it is directly correlated to inspiration from a song, excursion, person or experience, but there are other methods including but not limited to: other works of art (any medium), memories, ethnographic research, mood. Usually during this phase, I am haunted by an idea that keeps augmenting more in my head through note taking and visualization exercises. Every new idea is the best idea I’ve ever had and therefore must be presented as soon as I produce the necessary resources or figure out how to obtain them.

2. The Development Phase
This is the phase where the idea comes to life and becomes a tangible element in the respective medium. Supplies are procured, talent is hired, songs are chosen, notes are written and then the whole idea changes and is reformed. Sometimes the idea is abandoned altogether and a new idea is spawned from the original, creating a crazy mutant offspring of what I thought was going to be perfection. This is also where things are severely reconsidered according to environmental factors such as appropriate material for a general audience, venue selection, marketing options, space constraints and concerns, etc. Development can also include presentation of said work, and then the work augments according to the reaction from the constituents and the artist.

3. The Doubt Phase
Usually the denouement occurs in the middle of the given medium, but in the actual process, the falling action doesn’t begin until after the work has been presented. This is when the artist tortures himself, rethinking the entire concept and revisiting the Eureka Phase over and over again. The artist ponders the initial idea and revisions the possibilities and convinces himself that the work presented wasn’t as perfect as it could have been. This phase lasts forever.

Right now I haven’t had the time to touch either one of my major projects in weeks. I have reconsidered my options for the LGBT show, thinking that maybe the content is a little too risque. The problem is, there is nothing more I want to do than to express myself utilizing my strengths which I believe (in choreography) involve my roots in musical comedy and burlesque styles. I find it to be what I excel at, and doggone it, people like it. I still haven’t solidified what it is I am going to do, and this worries me because the biggest struggle for me is rehearsing. I like to repeat repeat repeat and time is money.

I am also really struggling with the idea for my fringe show, but my doubt should dissipate once I find the talent I’m using. I have more faith and time for that project.

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