Complicated Simplicity

It’s done.

I feel refreshed and exhausted by the events that transpired this weekend. I really pushed myself to make a piece that was much more focused around an idea rather than pushing around several movement concepts along with a storyline. I feel bad that I made the girls wait until the last minute to learn the choreography, but that was part of the experiment and time didn’t really allow for us to get together beforehand, but in the end, I think it worked out well.

I wanted to practice restraint and make something that was light with some dark, latent content. The sisters theme was well established and I think I made something that was entertaining. True, it wasn’t as dance-y or complicated, but that was the point. I kept the movement to a minimum, at first used as an exposition of the characters in the piece and then to show their relationship with each other. I used my theater and burlesque background to make it more about the action and to create a taste of sexiness. The piece ended up being cute and fun and funny. I am pleased. It was a nice break from the usual macabre and seriousness of my usual work.

Now I’m focusing once again on my writing and doing some more editing. I am looking for a musician to compose the music for this musical I wrote a while back. I have to start thinking about the fringe festival and what I may want to do for it, there are a couple of venues I have in mind, but it depends on what it is that I’m going to do that will help me decide where the show will take place.


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