Back to the Future

I can now officially put all my bizness up on the Internet…

It’s been a trying BUSY several weeks since my last post. New apartment, new (additional) job, new look on life and art. Change is good, for the most part. I am not working on anything specific but in my mind I have everything in general floating around. I really could use some research time or writing time or rehearsal time but lately, I’ve been working on not working. And it is hard work. I’m so exhausted from all the going out, the eating out, the drinking out, the running around the city, the facebooking. Yes, the facebooking. I have to stay connected, it’s the only way. And it won’t stop coming. If I could get Jeffersonian and make a list, it might look something like this:

1. Work on new duet with Meagan…African influence with post-modern influences…The Rapture music. Rock and roll it up.

2.  New wave burlesque? I don’t know. So exhausting.

3. Show on June 19th. I have no idea what I’m getting into, but I will be taking off my clothes in front of hordes of people – that comforts me in an odd way.

4. Philly is having an effect on me. Must write chapter for Mike character in _________ re: the city is not holding up its end of the relationship.

5. Books. Read more books.

6. Research Marian Anderson. She is your commercial segue. Your key to “success” and “appeal”

7.  Guest spot w/ Peek-a-boo Revue?    ?????????? too many questions.

8. Start a band. That guy I met with the Phillies t-shirt. He has a good look and allegedly plays the guitar. Already has experience. Could work out.

9.  Books. Read more books.

10. Fuck poetry. It’s dead dead dead.


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